Suspension Inspection BMW
Suspension Inspection BMW

There are millions of products made by thousands of companies, but for any particular item there are some that are on another level. With top quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship, some items can become what are known as luxury items. The easiest example is with clothing and how at a certain price point they are made to last much longer than the working clothing we where day in and day out; this other clothing is classic. In the field of automotive engineering, BMW is a name that connotes craftsmanship and luxury. If you live in Calabasas, BMW Calabasas is a dealership housing these great vehicles.

Not an American car manufacturer, BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works, is based in Germany and was originally an aircraft manufacturer. These origins are visible in the company logo of blue and white which is meant to symbolize white propellers in a blue sky.

The first car made by BMW appeared at the tail end of the 1920’s, specifically 1928, and was called the Dixi. This roadster was immensely popular and helped to shoulder BMW through the Great Depression. From the start their vehicles were known to be able to drive across a variety of terrain with a sufficiency that made them good for racing.

This racing prowess was justified by the winning of over 120 races by the Type 328 roadster before World War II. This vehicle was the influence for subsequent designs following WWII. The 501 sedan was launched in 1950 and was quickly followed by the 502, which was the first to include a V8 engine. Technological engineering has been a hallmark of BMW for decades.

While manufacturing of the engine was being solidified, BMW started to pay attention to the aesthetic design of the vehicle which was seen in the 507 which was their first sports car. This vehicle was a marriage of the V8 engine of a sedan with a lightweight alloy body. BMW steadily became more popular through the 1960’s but it was within the 1970’s that BMW was truly a heavyweight auto company.

Consumers could choose sporty and luxurious vehicles with their array of sedans. What this history works to do is take away some of the mystery of the brand as something out of reach for the regular person. While BMW manufactures the Rolls-Royce, there are also family sedans as well as motorcycles, and all contain the same attention to detail and craftsmanship.

BMW understands the relationship that a driver has with the road, and they engineer their vehicles to make the most of this relationship. All of their automobiles come equipped with 6 cylinder engines and electrical systems that are second to none. A reliable vehicle, they stand tall above the competition in terms of braking and suspension. Owning a BMW comes with different routine maintenance, as the superior braking is the result of softer brake pads.