Snow Tires and Your BMW
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It’s snowing! It’s snowing! Right? Oh Well. Yeah well for most of us we don’t have snow days anymore. We have to get up and get out there. And being that we don’t all get the luxury of using BMW’s xDrive. Going out in snowy conditions can be unsettling. You need to be assured that you and your BMW 3 series can be confident on any slippery roads. BMW’s driveline system alone is very sophisticated. The DCS system is designed with stability control first. Still you can put all that power down and get the traction you need by adding a set of snow tires to your BMW’s wheels.

Near 70 percent of e46 chassis’s where sold as rear wheel drive vehicles. So since the drive wheels in a BMW are in the rear there is no engine sitting over top of those wheels this makes the rear end light. You lose lots of traction and control. But by adding a set of snow rated tires to your 3 series you become safer and you will gain your confidence back. Testing has been done and figures have been shown that a car, with snow tires versus a set or summer tires, in the snow will stop up to 20% sooner. That’s nearly the length of two cars in a 100ft stop.

Snow tires can be bought in any OEM size for your BMW 3 series. You can just replace the summer tires on your car and store them. Or you could even go as far to purchase a tire and wheel package. These wheel and tire packages consist of an aftermarket set of wheels, snow tires, and even new lug nuts. This insures that you wont damage your OEM BMW wheels during the extreme winter months.