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Regular maintenance and service of a new or used car is of critical importance. This tip for keeping your car running in the condition that you want will determine the length of time that your car remains in good condition and does not require extensive repair costs.

When a person purchases a new car, they often do not think about regular maintenance and service schedules. They often drive the car until a warning light or indicator comes on. If the car is running and not making any noises the light is often ignored. When a warning light or indicator appears, it is important to get the car to a service center immediately.

Cars that are driven in heavy traffic often use more oil than cars that are driven on an occasional basis. Commuter traffic and stop-and-go driving will put wear on an engine and use more oil. Checking the oil each time you fill you car with fuel will help you make sure that the car has sufficient oil. This will help the car to run more smoothly and avoid wear on the engine.

Regular service and maintenance of a new or used car can extend the life of the car significantly. Changing the fluids in a car removes debris and dirt that may clog parts in the engine. In addition, your service technicians will alert you when they see a problem with your car that may need to be addressed. In this way you can proactively care for your car and save money on the expenses of making major repairs later.

Maintenance is also important with new cars. Manufacturers provide schedules with the manual of a new car that indicates when the car should be serviced. By following this service schedule, the technicians can address any issues that may be unique to the car.

When a car is taken in for maintenance and service on a regular schedule, the dealer will usually have a loaner car or transportation waiting for you. They will schedule your maintenance for days and times that best meet your needs. When necessary, they will arrange for repairs on the same day as your scheduled maintenance so you will not be left without a car for an extended period of time.

Reminder notes on the dashboard or in the cup holder will help you to remember when to get your car serviced. Many people use this method and include the date that service is needed on the note. When the car is regularly maintained, you can drive without worrying about a service light coming on.

Manufacturers recommend the octane of gas that should be used with the car that is purchased. When the wrong octane is used, there is undue pressure put on the engine and its parts. When a car is used in heavy traffic on a daily basis, the wrong octane can cause the engine to wear more quickly and debris to lodge in the engine.

Los Angeles BMW advises that proper maintenance will help to extend the life of your car. A car that is well maintained and serviced regularly will run better and last longer than cars that have not been cared for. When looking for tips from BMW Los Angeles to extend the serviceability of your car, service and maintenance are the keys to a successful and long relationship with your car.