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audi spider
Audi used the Paris motor show to reflect upon plans for an eco-friendly hybrid Spider concept. Also present within the prestigious road show was Audis Quattro concept car- manufactured to mark the release of the original Quattro model just 30 years ago.

Audi’s design teams had an internal contest to design the new machine and Audi’s bosses briefed the two design chiefs, Stefan Seilaff and Wolfgang Egger, to go head-to-head and revive the Quattro’s spirit 30 years on. Egger who is the ex-Alfa head of design won the friendly internal competition.

The winning design is based on the RS5 with 150mm chopped from the wheelbase and 40mm taken off the roof line, its rear overhang has been cut by 200mm, so it measures 4.28-metres long, 1.86-metres wide and only 1.33-metres high.

With a 2.6 metre wheelbase, the Quattro concept sits on 20-inch wheels and uses the similar style of large wheel arch flares as the 1980’s original design which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and went on to become a rallying legend thereafter.

Audi in Edinburgh have said there are no definitive plans to put the concepts into production because it was just a fun, internal challenge, however if enough interest were to be generated then it wouldn’t be too difficult to get it all up and running.

Reviving old models has become a trend in the automotive industry recently, as we have seen with the new remodelled Citroen DS, Fiat with the 500 and all of these remodelled vehicles have all been proven with successful sales.

Sara Wright is working within marketing and is currently researching Audi in Edinburgh