Audi Colorado
Audi Colorado

Chantilly, VA used car dealer waiting to see if Audi TTS can drive itself up Pikes Peak

Don’t feel like climbing Pikes Peak? Then watch the new Audi drive itself up. That’s right, a car that can drive itself outside of a James Bond movie. Technology is indeed a beautiful thing. Audi dealer Fairfax customers will be impressed what the Autonomous Audi TTS Pikes Peak can do.

This fall the new Audi model will make a test run up Pikes Peak in Colorado. This model is based on the street-ready Audi TTS sports car with a drive-by-wire throttle and a semi-automatic DSG gearbox, which work well with the automated electronics that make a driver optional.

The car uses two computers in the trunk. They process safety-critical algorithms with Real Time Java from Oracle and vehicle dynamics algorithms. This combined data allows the TTS drive on its own at various speeds, over different surfaces and through a mix of conditions.

In addition to trying to drive itself up a large mountain, the Audi TTS Pikes Peak will attempt a land speed record at El Mirage Lake in California this fall. Audi is hoping the car will make it into the Guiness Book of World Records for autonomous speed. The Chantilly VA used car dealer staff is looking forward to this moment.

“We were very much inspired by the Pikes Peak race cars,” said Raul Cenan, Lead Designer on the TTS project. “But there was very different technology used in those cars overall. So we decided to go with more modern elements that were heritage-inspired.”

Partners in developing the technology behind the Audi TTS Pikes Peak include the Stanford University Dynamic Design Lab, the Electronics Research Lad for the Volkswagen Group in Palo Alto, California and Oracle Corp. They chose the Pikes Peak race route, which includes pavement and gravel, to test the limits of the autonomous technology.

Audi cars have a history of achieving legendary status on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and this fall the Audi TTS may just be added to that list. Audi rally cars have used technology like all-wheel drive to win the “Race to the Clouds”. Famed rally car drivers include Bobby Unser, Walter Roehrl and Michel Mouton. Many Chantilly VA used car dealer customers would love to add their names to that list!

Selecting the design for the Audi TTS Pikes Peak was a fun challenge for the design team. They created several options, one of which actually had a topographic map of Pikes Peak covering the body of the TTS.

The “winning” design incorporates the past tradition of Audi while demonstrating the technology that is essential in the TTS. Designers took 1980s rally car themes and tweaked them to have a futuristic look. A large four-rings logo is dominant on the roof of the new TTS so rally fans with an aerial view will have no doubt what car they are watching. Audi dealer Fairfax customer will surely be watching.

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